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    To measure, select the area or distance measure tool. To stop measuring and clear the results, de-select the tool by clicking it again.

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    Parcel Viewer
    With Parcel Viewer you can:
    • search for parcels by parcel number, address or condo name
    • zoom in far enough to see parcel boundaries, then single click on a parcel to get summary information and links to complete info 
    • activate the "select parcels" mode to select many parcels with a line or area that you draw on the map
    • export information about selected parcels
    • turn the zoning layer off or control its transparency
    • turn the address points layer off or on 

    Want to know what the zoning codes mean?

    Map navigation tips

    Mouse scroll forward to zoom in
    Mouse scroll backward to zoom out
    SHIFT + drag the mouse to draw a box and zoom in
    SHIFT + CTRL + drag the mouse to zoom out
    Use arrow keys to pan
    Use + key to zoom in a level
    Use - key to zoom out a level

    Selecting parcels when parcel outlines are visible:

    Single click (left button) to select a parcel
    Right-click to see more options
    Choose "select Parcels" to select multiple parcels
    Build a list of selected parcels, then export selected data.

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