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Traffic counts

Traffic Counts

Historical average weekday daily traffic counts for unincorporated King County
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Traffic count data used for design purposes should be obtained by submitting a specific request to the Traffic Engineering Section.

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Average Daily Traffic Counts

The measurement of traffic volumes is one of the most basic functions of roadway planning and management. Traffic volume counts provide the most commonly employed measure of roadway usage and are needed for the majority of traffic engineering analysis.

Some of the uses for traffic count data include: safety analysis, pavement design, revenue forecasting, statistics for the placement of businesses and services, traffic signal timing, air quality analysis, noise analysis, planning studies, and planning the timing of maintenance activities.

Traffic count locations

Single location count data example:

Traffic count "leg" definitions:

N – North side
N-NB - North side northbound
N-SB - North side southbound
NE - Northeast side
NE-NEB - Northeast side northeastbound
NE-SWB - Northeast side southwestbound
NW - Northwest side
NW-NWB - Northwest side northwestbound
NW-SEB - Northwest side southeastbound
S - South side
S-NB - South side northbound
S-SB - South side southbound
SE - Southeast side
SE-SEB - Southeast side southeastbound
SE-NWB - Southeast side northwestbound
SW - Southwest side
SW-SWB - Southwest side southwestbound
SW-NEB - Southwest side northeastbound
E - East side
E-EB - East side eastbound
E-WB - East side westbound
W - West side
W-WB - West side westbound
W-EB - West side eastbound
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